Why Creative Logix

Currently most of the organizations spend a lot of time, effort and money in assessing fresh graduates at campus, recruiting, training with pay and assign them to the projects. Our objective is to provide world class training to the final year students/freshly passed out graduates that make them to contribute from their first day at work. This help the employers in avoiding efforts and resources spent on training their campus recruits. Considering the industry standard training time of six months for each fresher with pay, the cost saving by employing the trained resources is considerably high.

Creative Logix develops its own products and outsourced DWH/BI projects. It also employs best of its trainees for in-house development activities. It has a huge pool of skilled IT resources who work on these assignments. This enables BI Hub to provide the resource quickly that fit the requirements of clients on permanent or temporary basis.

When right resource is not available in its resource pool, the stringent candidate selection process ensures the clients to spend minimum amount of time to evaluate a final shortlisted candidate.

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