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Creative Logix is formed with determination to hunt down the talent and propelrecruitment and staffing solutions to IT companies. Current global scenario force companies to look at its ROI from each and every individual employee. In addition retaining existing client mainly depends on the team that interacts with them on day-to-day basis. The companies are looking for a way to replace unproductive employees with the ones who are motivated and result oriented.

Many a times the structure of a project team is not reflecting a pyramid and many experienced staff perform lower level tasks. The pressure to improve profit margin pushes the companies to use better trained fresh graduates under the guidance of few experienced professionals and maintain the project pyramid structure. However the statistics say that only 17% to 25% of the graduates produced in India are readily employable in the IT sector. Creative Logix fixes this gap by providing on-campus and off-campus training programs that focus on making the graduates ready to work from first day of their employment. We bring the employers and such trained candidates together through multiple events – campus hiring, off-campus hiring and job fairs.

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