Career Edge

India is producing large number of fresher graduates every year and only 30% of them are employed. And the shocking truth is most of them are not fit to be employed. No employer wants to recruit a candidate who is not productive. The Career Edge course is designed to bridge this gap in the skill set. This course provides both technical and soft skills training to the candidate. The candidate has to develop a complete project and deploy on his own. The candidate understands and incorporates all the process of software development life cycle.

Thus the candidate becomes aware of not only technology but knows how to apply it to fulfill the client’s need and effectively communicate with stake holders. The candidates become aware of various types of projects like application development, application enhancement, support and maintenance, migration, consulting, reengineering and so on. This approach makes the candidate equivalent to a system engineer with two years of experience. After successful completion of this program the candidate becomes eligible for employment and we provide complete placement assistance.


Career Edge-v1


  • Best suited for unemployed graduates
  • Improved confident and motivation
  • Increased efficiency, quality and productivity
  • Make yourself eligible for employment
  • Become productive from day one of your employment
  • Resume preparation support
  • Get prepared to face interviews

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