Campus To Corporate Training

Currently IT companies face huge challenge in training fresh graduates. The period of training ranges from 3 months to 6 months and the cost to provide training ranges from Rs.1.5 Lakhs to Rs.2 Lakhs per candidate at a minimum. Apart from this none of these candidates are billable till their training is complete. Always the output of training is not as expected. Some individuals who were good at academics may not be good at receiving technical training. To address these issues we have come up with campus to corporate training service.

This service ensures proper training provided to every candidate selected by campus recruitment team. Our team gets the required training needs from client team. The training is provided as per the agreed course content. The training status and evaluation sheets will be sent to the clients monthly once. Our client can take decision on absorbing the candidatebased on performance. This helps our clients to save cost on training set up in their facility including software, hardware, network, other infrastructure and trainers’ salary. This also ensures that only productive resources are recruited.


Campus to Corporate training-v1


  • Evaluate candidate before employing
  • Lower cost compared to in-house training
  • Selected candidates are ready to work from day one of their employment
  • Training by industry experts and architects
  • Avoid training related expenses like software, hardware, network and other infrastructure
  • Exposure to industry standards

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