IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Active Reports (V10.1)


IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Active Reports (V10.1)

Course ID: CLBI010

Course Overview

IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Active Reports (V10.1) is an advanced one- day, instructor -led online course in which students build on their Report Studio experience by using active report controls to build highly interactive reports that can be consumed by users. Participants will apply their knowledge through demos and workshops to author active reports containing pre-packaged data which can be distributed and viewed by users when a data source is not available. This course builds on advanced report authoring skills and contains many independent workshop exercises. In addition, this course contains a new module that demonstrates features added to IBM Cognos Active Reports V10.1.1. Participants will learn how they can use these features to optimize active reports that are consumed on mobile devices, such as an iPad tablet.

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced offering is intended for professional report authors who have a need to create reports that will be consumed by an audience who will consume the reports in an interactive manner.


  • IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Fundamentals (V10.1) course (CLBI013)
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Advanced (V10.1) (CLBI012)
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports (V10.2) (CLBI011)

Course Content

[accordion id="faq"]
[accordion_item in="true" id_parent="faq" title="Introduction to IBM Cognos Active Reports"]

  • Discuss the value of active reports
  • Examine an active report and its controls
  • Convert an existing report to an active report
  • Debug and save an active report
  • Explore interactive properties

[accordion_item in="false" id_parent="faq" title="Use Filter and Select in Active Reports"]

  • Distinguish between filter and select
  • Examine decks and cards
  • Explore properties to use in active reports
  • Examine master-detail relationships and decks

[accordion_item in="false" id_parent="faq" title="Use Advanced Features with Active Reports"]

  • Drill through on an active report
  • Drill up an down on an active report
  • Create cascading prompts in an active report

[accordion_item in="false" id_parent="faq" title="End-to-End Workshop"]

  • Create an elaborate dashboard with many interactive controls

[accordion_item in="false" id_parent="faq" title="Active Reports: What's New in Version 10.1.1 (Optional)"]

  • Design active reports for mobile devices
  • Explore new authoring features
  • Build a mobile report using slider and iterative controls


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